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Tree Cutting - Cutting Down Trees

chain sawing down a tree Often when you have a tree that you want cut down, trimmed or removed from your property, you see the tree as a problem that needs a quick and simple solution. This kind of thinking can lead to rash tree trimming and tree removal mistakes that can have a lasting impact on your landscaping. Instead, by taking the time to understand tree removal and care and by finding a local tree cutting contractor to treat your tree properly and with the respect it deserves, you can keep your trees and lawn looking great.

Tree care, a seemingly simple task, involves the regular maintenance of your trees in an effort to keep them in good health with strong root systems and branches that are sturdy. In reality, tree care is probably more important and more complex than you might think. Imagine tying your child’s tire swing to a branch that has been weakened by insidious disease-causing fungus and bacteria like Oak Wilt or improper hydration. Instead of risking your child’s safety, hire a contractor to provide consistent and appropriate care for the trees on your property. With the many different orders and families of trees that exist, it is almost impossible for the average homeowner to position him or herself as an expert. But your local professional tree care contractor not only understands the care needs of the different tree families, he or she knows how and when to implement them, leaving you less exposed to rot and bacteria.

Tree trimming is easy in theory - you just chop off some small branches and thin the tree out a little, right? While this is how many homeowners go about their semi-annual trimming, it is actually not the correct way to conquer the task. As your professional tree trimming contractor can tell you, tree trimming at the wrong time of year can leave many trees vulnerable to diseases and bacteria. In addition, there are many insects that are better able to reach the inner workings of your trees after they’ve been trimmed. Trimming that takes place during the wrong season can accentuate this risk. Rather than risk the health of your trees and the appearance of your lawn, you can call a professional contractor to handle all your tree trimming needs. They can take care of any dead limbs and thin out some of the more heavy limbs in the right way, and at the right time.

Stump grinding removal toolTree removal is a complicated and dangerous fact of life. Whether you have a tree that has been badly damaged by drought, storms or bacteria, or you have one that obstructs an otherwise flawless view, tree removal is an occasional need of homeowners everywhere. Some attempt tree removal on their own, tying ropes to limbs and yelling, “timber” like they are certain that professional contractors do. But yelling timber does not make you professional and does not mean you know the right way to remove your tree. Even the most experienced professional tree removal contractor knows that trees do not always fall in a predictable way-no matter how much planning you do. The difference between a homeowner knowing that and a contractor is that the contractor knows how to protect your home, neighbors, sidewalks and lawns from that risk. They also know how to guard against kickback and how to safeguard themselves against injury.

Once you’ve had your tree removed by your tree removal contractor and your view is improved, you may think that your project is complete. But if you decided not to have a stump removal completed, you could not be farther from the truth. While you may not be able to see the stumps while gazing out your picture window, they are still there marking up your lawn and making it look unfinished. Tree stumps stick out of the ground and make mowing and landscaping difficult. The removal of stumps and all the roots requires special equipment and even more specialized knowledge that exceeds the capabilities of most homeowners and landscapers. Stump removal by your local contractor is an easy and affordable way to give your yard that large, clean, cohesive look you’ve been dreaming about. It is also the only way you’ll be able to get another plant to grow in the area the tree once called home.

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