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Stump Removal, Stump Grinding or Pulling it Out?

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Tree Stump Removal

If you have ever gotten a tree removed and neglected to pull out the stump, you know how unattractive that decision can make your lawn. The stump, sticking out of the ground with an unflattering look, prevents you from having the lawn of your dreams. It doesnít allow you to plant flowers or vegetables, grass canít grow on top of it, and instead, it attracts bugs and weeds while leaving the area exposed to tree diseases. Additionally, as stumps become overgrown with weeds and fungus, you run the risk of ruining your lawn mower by navigating it over this unfriendly terrain. That is why it is so important to call in a professional to take out your stumps or grind them once you have had a tree removed.

There are many well-meaning homeowners who, after getting tired of looking at the stumps littering their otherwise flawless lawns, attempt to remove the stumps on their own. These same homeowners may, out of desperation, hire a cheap laborer who advertises in the local classifieds. Unfortunately, this non skilled labor can cause expensive problems down the line as can attempting to remove the stump yourself. For instance, do you know where your water lines are? Imagine pulling up or grinding your own stump and encountering a sudden geyser of water. The expense of getting your plumbing or water main fixed and possibly pulling up a patio or walkway to do it is certainly not worth the risk. For stumps that are close to your foundation, you run the additional risk of causing expensive foundation damage when grinding or removing the stump.

chopping a tree with an ax The possible damage that can be incurred by removal of the stump is just one possible issue that pops up when you remove your own stump or hire someone not qualified to do so. There is also the risk of disease from improperly removed stumps which can also have far flung consequences. That is also why it is important to make sure that the stump removal you ask for is complete stump removal. In an effort to save money, some homeowners have just the first 6 or so inches of stump removed. While this may look nice on the surface of your lawn and may allow for new flower beds or grass to be grown, it leaves a massive system of roots under your lawn. You may think this does not matter, after all- what you can not see canít be hurting you, but unfortunately, these roots can still contract all the same diseases that a full sized tree could, which means they have the potential to spread to other trees through neighboring root systems.

In addition to the danger of disease, leaving part of the stump underground prevents you from being able to plant a new tree in that area. If you should attempt to plant a new tree over the old roots, the new root system may find itself strangled by the existing and rotting root system and may not be able to grow sufficiently. Then, you are left with a rotten, dead tree that must be removed as well as the remaining stump. By calling your local tree removal contractor and discussing the various removal options and choices with him or her, you can make an informed decision to have the proper removal completed by an expert who has years of experience in removing tree stumps.

Stump removal is one of the most difficult aspects of tree removal and it requires a great deal of experience and savvy to do the job completely and properly. And while stump grinding machines offer much assistance in the process, the location of the stumps being removed is often so precarious that the stump grinder is more of a possible agent of destruction than stump grinder; tearing up patios, walkways and foundations as it goes. Understanding how to exert control over the grinder and knowing the limits goes far in making sure there are no incidents that result in injury or claims against your homeownerís insurance. By calling your local tree removal contractor for your stump removal needs you can ensure that the job is done completely to your specifications without wreaking havoc with your foundation or any underground plumbing.

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