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Tree Care - Health of the Tree

hurricane tree damaged and removed Trees are an asset to homeowners in many ways. They can act as privacy barriers to make your lawn a more secluded retreat; they provide shade in the summer and reduce your need for air conditioning while reducing your electric bill; they can bear fruit that you can enjoy as the sun goes down on your day; and they can provide you with historical relevance, character and flowers. The benefits offered by trees are almost limitless. To not provide proper tree care to these life enhancing plants is a bad move. Not only does it hurt the look and effectiveness of your trees, but it can also result in disease and tree removal. While all aspects of tree care are not easy, some are and can be done on your own. For the more difficult aspects, you can call your local tree care contractor to offer you guidance and to complete the care steps for you.

There are seven basic steps in proper tree care:

  1. 1. Plant trees in an appropriate area. The first step to good tree care is to plant trees in the right areas for them. This will be determined by how large the tree can grow, how complex its root system is, how much sun it needs and more. Your tree care contractor can consult with you and help you decide the right place to grow your new tree.
  2. 2. Add mulch to the ground around your tree. As your tree care contractor can explain, mulch keeps your lawn mower away from the trunk of your tree and prevents mower damage and trauma. In addition, it keeps weeds at bay, keeps moisture locked into the soil and it stops the soil from getting tamped down excessively.
  3. 3. Prune your trees properly. Your trees become exposed to disease and fungus when you do not follow proper tree care methods in pruning them. Your local tree care contractor understands when and how to prune trees so that the tree can create a layer of protection over the pruned area and prevent disease.
  4. 4. Donít cut back any main branches. Amateurs who prune or top trees often cut back major branches thinking that it will help the tree look better and keep the branches from becoming too heavy. Unfortunately, it actually encourages the growth of small, weak, bush like limbs toward the top of the tree and completely ruins its visual appeal.
  5. 5. Familiarize yourself with the needs of your trees. Each type or family of tree needs its own kind of care. Oaks need certain pruning at designated times of the year, as do maples and other trees. It can be difficult to try and remember the nuances of caring for your individual trees, so calling your local tree care contractor is a great way to ensure proper care for every type of tree you have.
  6. Tree damaged by ice storm6. Keep your trees hydrated. Planting drought tolerant trees in drought prone states is extremely important. But if you have existing trees whose hydration needs are not often met by the weather in your area, make sure you set your sprinklers to provide adequate water to the trees. A tree that does not get enough water is a tree that will die and become a liability as its limbs weaken and break off. You can avoid this risk and the resulting expense of tree removal by keeping it hydrated.
  7. 7. Keep the treeís environment consistent. Believe it or not, trees react to stress. They may not react to the same stressors that humans react to, and they may not have the capacity to react the same way, but they do tend to be delicate in terms of certain environmental stressors. While you canít stop storms or snow, you can attempt to maintain a static environment within the soil the tree is in and around the base of the tree. Keep sharp objects like weed wackers away from the tree trunk and keep the soil fortified with the nutrients needed by your individual trees.

By following these steps with the guidance of your tree care contractor, you can ensure that all your trees continue to provide shade, fruit, flowers and a nice place for sitting.

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