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We like trees, but there are situations where a tree has to be removed, or at least cut back. If you have a tree too close to your home it can cause various problems. As the tree grows it can damage siding and roofing, and as it gets even larger the branches can hang over the roof. This situation seems harmless, but can cause moss and other moisture problems by blocking the sun for long periods of time, which prevents the roof from getting dry.

hanging branches Large hanging limbs caused by disease or storm damage are another reason to give us a call. We know how to properly trim or prune your trees so they get the most benefit while also making the tree safe for you and your family. In recent years there have been new infestations and new diseases damaging our trees here in northern New Jersey, let us help you keep your trees healthy and safe.

If you do need to have a tree removed, make sure to check with the contractor about the cleanup afterwards. Good tree removal contractors will leave the property clean and ready for landscaping. Let us know if you want any of the wood, and if so in what size pieces you prefer. And don't forget about the stump that remains. Make sure that your estimate includes grinding down or removing the stump. Reclaim that part of your property for landscaping or other use by getting the whole job done right - the first time.

Tree removal and tree trimming in the greater Newark and northern New Jersey area


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